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Evans to release his 3rd thriller based on La Crosse cold cases in a tour this December


Winona-based author and former newsroom professional, Gary Evans, released the third book in his “Death By” series, with a fourth one on the way.

After confessing to killing fourteen young men in La Crosse, Wisconsin, sultry serial killer Genevieve Wangen escapes custody for the second time. Aided by her Mafia contacts, she settles in at a remote cabin in the Bitterroot Mountains of Montana. Now, safely hidden behind her new identity as Samantha Walters, she happily continues her deadly work for the Carbones. But Detective Al Rouse and Deputy Charlie Berzinski are bent on locking her away for good. When they finally catch up to her, as she is about to wed her latest debonair lover, Genevieve finds that she must escape more than just the law!

"Readers are left breathing heavily, wondering if Evans can top this one... If you haven't been smitten by Evans high-speed, high octane murder mysteries, you'll say 'wow' with this hit." - Rollie Wussow, an avid Evans reader

Readers and gift-buyers can support area bookstores by attending any of these signing events and purchasing Evans' books. His presskit is available through

Dec 8, 1p: La Crosse: Pearl Street Books

Dec 8., 5p-7p: La Crosse: Barnes + Noble - Valley View Mall

Dec 9, 1:30p: Winona: Paperbacks + Pieces

Dec 9, 5:30p-7:30p: Rochester: Barnes + Noble - Apache Mall

Dec 12, 5p-7p: Milwaukee: Voyageur Books

Dec. 14, 12p: Green Bay: University of Wisconsin

Dec. 14, 4p: Green Bay: Barnes + Noble *this event supports the children's museum

Dec. 18, 4:30p-6:30p: Duluth: Book Store at Fitger's

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